The WTF Holic Fest

denial is the first step towards dealing with grief

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The WTF Holic Fest
Like many of you, we're slightly disappointed that xxxHolic finally ended and made one last push to seriously mess with our heads. But instead of laying in bed eating pocky and writing a sad poem in our LiveJournal, we're fired up about getting new fic out there!

Maybe you wanted to see more Himawari and Tanpopo, you wanted to see more of Watanuki and the spirit world and the circumstances of Yuuko's reincarnation. Maybe you wanted to see Doumeki cook that stupid egg for breakfast or never wanted Watanuki to inherit the shop in the first place.

Inspired by the Nertz to You, Joss Whedon ficathon spawning from fan disappointment with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books, the WTF Holic Fest is a prompt-based fanfic and fanart celebration about everything we ever wanted from Holic but were too disappointed to ask.
Because the three x's in xxxHolic clearly stand for wtf.

Refer here for a list of rules and guidelines.

Tentative Dates
Prompt Submission Start Date: February 14
Prompt Claiming Start Date: Feburary 14
Prompt Submission Deadline: March 15, midnight
First Fic/Fanart Submission Deadline: May 22, midnight
First Fic/Fanart Submission Deadline: May 22, midnight
Second Fic/Fanart Submission Deadline: July 10, midnight

Additionally, if you moderate/own your own holic community and would like us to link to your comm on our main page, please let us know by sending a message to our moderators.

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