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Fanfiction: red strings

Title: red strings
Rating: R, for graphic depictions of violence
Prompt(s): It took Doumeki a few years to realise he wasn't getting older AND "I'll come back, and we'll be young men together again." (/shameless quote stealing from Inception)
Characters/pairings: Doumeki/Watanuki
Author: nebulia@con_noncuranza
Summary: Watanuki leaves. Doumeki needs him. Also, he may be immortal. Probably VERY post-series, though this is indeed Doumeki Shizuka. Although if you don't want to think of him as Shizuka, you don't have to.
Warnings: While this is not self-harm as usually considered, there is self-harm and something rather like suicide. Also, kind of weird.

red strings

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Tags: char: doumeki, char: watanuki, fic: nebulia, pairing: doumeki/watanuki
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