Fumu (foolish_m0rtal) wrote in wtfholic_fest,

New Submission Deadlines

Thanks for your feedback! It's still a little early since the poll only went up yesterday, but mod responses are going to be erratic till May 31 due to RL happening, and we don't want people waiting on a date for that long.

Right now based on participant responses, the next submission date is tentatively JULY 10th at MIDNIGHT. Please let us know if that still does not work for you, and we will see if another adjustment is reasonable.

We will include all currently submitted work in a single masterlist at the very end of the fest, so please be patient if you have already submitted work. If you have already submitted work and feel it was not your best effort due to time constraints, you can of course withdraw your submission or make any changes you like. Stories are, after all, a continuing process.
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